R+R Aromatic Crystal Diffuser (Calm + Grounding)

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All of our products are made with positive energy, earth elements, and essential oils to provide a non-toxic aromatic experience. 

Pure Sea Salt acts as a natural deodorizer while the essential oils refresh.

Sea salt crystals in lovely shades of lilac partnered with the calming scents of Lavender and Lemongrass will poetically and perfectly add to the life of a dreamer while grounding the drifter. 
Eliminate the nervous energy in your life and find your calm with the help of these Amethyst infused sea salt crystals. As the day turns into night and the sun sets over the horizon, say goodnight to the stars and the new moon before drifting off to a new dream. 

*Just add a few drops of our essential oil blend or your favorite essential oils, give it a shake and place into a bowl or burner.