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All of our products are made with positive energy, earth elements, and essential oils to provide an aromatic experience. All products are food grade (not intended for consumption), free of synthetic fragrances, lead, dye, silicones, sodium sulfates, phthalates, gmo's, petroleum, parabens, butylene glycol, and harsh preservatives. 

Our gemstone enhanced bath salts are made up of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt crystals and element infused pure sea salt, that has been hand layered so you can see and utilize all the ingredients and their benefits.

Halite meaning "rock salt" is the mineral substance that everyone knows as salt. Salt is one of our creators earliest and fondest memories. Living on an Island, being surrounded by fresh salty air and the sound of ebb and flow. We wanted to bring that feeling to you.

De-stress and release negative energies with this fresh and earthy blend. The enveloping scent of the Sea promotes feelings of relaxation and eases tension while acting as a purifier for the skin. Mother of Pearl infused sea salt rejuvenates the complexion and reduces redness. Also said to have anti-aging properties.  

Epsom Salts are of the highest quality and praised for their therapeutic benefits to relieve tension, pain, and inflammation. We then infuse our epsom salts with bladderwrack. Bladderwrack is a form of kelp that has been used medicinally for centuries. It has a pretty impressive bio on health benefits which include an increase in circulation, boosts metabolism, anti-aging properties, and reduces inflammation.
Sea Salts are hand harvested off the coast of beautiful Brazil. They have been air evaporated and sun dried from it's beautiful crystal clear blue waters. We then infuse the salt with Juniper and Coconut. Sea salt is a natural detoxifier, exfoliator, increases circulation, and improves quality of sleep.
Topped off with dulse leaf, also known as "red" seaweed, is a truly organic, hand-harvested seaweed. Dulse Seaweed is full of lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins that are readily absorbed into the skin. Upon absorbtion, Dulse rebalances, nourishes, detoxifies, purifies, oygenates and deeply moisturizes the skin's texture and tone.

Directions: We recommend using 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottle to sprinkle into a hot bath.