Q: Are your products safe?

All products are food grade (not intended for consumption), free of synthetic fragrances, lead, dye, silicones, sodium sulfates, phthalates, gmo's, petroleum, parabens, butylene glycol, and harsh preservatives. 

Q: What does element infused mean? 

Our ingredients are all natural and element derived. We utilitze all the materials mother Earth has given us in the best way. Meaning all of our ingredients have been touched by at least one of the elements throughout it's life. Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind.

SEA SALT-  Our sea salt is pure from the Atlantic Ocean. The raw crystals are air evaporated and sun dried from the crystal clear blue waters off the coast of Brazil.


EPSOM SALT- We use the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt available. Known for it's purity and therapeutic benefits.   

GEMSTONES & CRYSTALS- We infuse our products with positive energy through the use of Reiki healed gems and crystals that have been sun charged and cleansed.


RARE WHITE HIMALAYAN SALT- Carefully mined from deep within the Himalayas, our White Himalayan Salt is considered even more rare and pure than the average pink. Himalayan Salt was formed from an ancient seabed that was pushed up into the mountain range and perfectly preserved by volcanic ash. Rich in trace minerals, this all-natural salt is prized for its color, varying from almost white to very light pink.


ESSENTIAL OILS- We use pure essential oils with no fillers or added oils. Each essential oil comes with its own therapeutic benefits.With so many essential oils available, it is sometimes difficult to learn which oil is best for your specific needs. We have compiled a "guide" for our products, and the benefits of each, located here.

Q : Are your products really made in the USA? Where do you source your materials from? 

We locally source the majority of our ingredients but all of our products come from reputable and fair trade suppliers and artisan craftsmen. Once we receive the ingredients, you can find us creating, handcrafting, and packaging all from our studio in San Diego, CA. 


Q: Why Salt? What do I do with Sea Salt Crystals? 

Salt is a natural deodorizer. Eliminating bad odors while the essential oils refresh. Our Sea Salt Crystals are created to be a functional decor piece. You can use them in a bowl or a burner depending on the desired effect. Continue to refresh with our Aromatic mist or add a few drops of essential oil.

For a scented decor piece place in a bowl. To release the minerals into the whole space, place a handful into a burner with a few drops of essential oil and water. When heated, the crystals slowly release the essential oil and minerals into the air. 

Not only do you get the Salt and Aroma therapeutic benefits, but crystal healing as well. Each of the products was created with a purpose and aromatic experience in mind.

Q: How long do the Sea Salt Crystals last? 

The Sea Salt Crystals last about a week as is, but can be enhanced and refreshed with essential oils periodically. To extend the life of your scent we recommend coverage when not in use if in a bowl or vase. 

Q: What do they mean? 

Below is a brief breakdown of the Sea Salt Crystals and their meaning. For more in-depth information please read the product description and "guide" page located at the top of our site.

The R+R is the calming & grounding mix. 

The YIN+YANG is the protection mix.

The AU NATURAL is the positive vibe enhancement mix.